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For the Water Pipes, we do not recommend using an alcohol based cleaner, as the alcohol will slowly deteriorate the epoxy coating inside the pipe.  We also do not recommend leaving water in the pipe for extended periods of time.  Not for fear of a leak, for the fact the water will become stale and will not give a pleasant taste while using the pipe.

For the Steamrollers, we do not recommend using a poker to clean from bowl to mouthpiece.  Please use a pipe cleaner from the bowl end and run halfway through.  Then, from the mouthpiece end, run halfway through the pipe.  They are designed with a small chamber behind the glass that will collect resin over time.  


Your privacy is important to us.  Our personal privacy is important to us also.  We use email correspondence with our customers to answer questions, respond to feedback, to confirm orders, to relay shipping details, and to resolve any issues.  We do not give out our clients personal information to any third party.

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